Thank you for your interest in being a sponsor of the EWB Atlanta Professional Chapter’s current program serving the Cerro Verde community in Ecuador!

Currently, the community does not have a nearby water source so every family purchases and stores their own water for drinking and other household purposes, which is costly and often leads to contamination. Your sponsorship will help us provide them with in-home filtration systems with a long-term goal of designing and implementing a safe and sustainable drinking water solution for the community.

There are three Atlanta Professional Chapter sponsorship levels. A sponsorship lasts throughout the length of a program, so you are able to move up a level over the course of time and multiple donations!

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Value Sponsor – Provide Resources, Meeting/Event/Testing Space, Food and Beverages for Fundraising Events, or Miscellaneous Services
  • Bronze Sponsor – $500+ Contribution
  • Silver Sponsor – $2500+ Contribution
  • Gold Sponsor – $5000+ Contribution

Each level of sponsorship has its own special benefits! We are very grateful for your help, and want to make sure our sponsors receive the appreciation and recognition they deserve.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the EWB Atlanta Professional Chapter, please contact us or reach out via email at engineerswithoutborders at gmail dot com.

Thank you!